Who is Mama Flower?

Jessica Morel, a native to the Arizona Valley, US Army Veteran, Wife, Mama, and lifelong friend.

Peace of Mind Journey

Highlighting an Impressive Portfolio of Work

Nationally known for her services in the veteran community, Jessica wanted to rebrand and refresh her brand identity for her new look on life. Over the years, she had created and managed multiple websites for her different professions and personal hobbies. It was time for a new website that encompassed her entire life portfolio, including presenting, coaching, real estate, volunteering, and life blogging. 

My goal with this brand identity was to show her fun loving personality, while keeping a professional tone. It was important that the website could evolve as she becomes more involved with the community, attends more events, and writes about her life’s journey.


Client: Jessica Morel


  • Branding
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Illustration
  • Website
  • Photography 

Date: October 2019

Creating an Online Presence

Since Jessica has been involved with the community for many years, she has a great source of documented work. I wanted to make sure we included as many dynamic elements as possible, such as her presentation videos, community outreach events, and links to relevant non-profits and educational materials available.